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    Head of Myanmar Programme


    In Myanmar, International IDEA supports the plurality of stakeholders in the ongoing transition to democratic rule.

    With regards to electoral processes, International IDEA leads the implementation of the project Support to Electoral Processes and Democracy – STEP Democracy. STEP Democracy supports inclusive, peaceful and credible electoral processes, through strengthening the capacity of stakeholders to contribute to the democratic transition in Myanmar. It is an integrated programme closely coordinated with all key national stakeholders – with the Union Election Commission (UEC), with political parties, with civil society organisations involved in domestic election observation, voter and civic education, and advocacy for reform, and with media organisations. STEP Democracy is unique in bringing together national and international expertise, and firmly entrenches local ownership throughout all phases of the electoral cycle.

    In the STEP Democracy programme, the European Union provides support via eight organisations, the other seven being; three international organisations, the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD), Democracy Reporting International (DRI), and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF); and four local organisations, Myanmar Egress, Hornbill Organization, Scholar Institute and Naushawng Education Network, which are implementing voter and civic education programmes with  the FNF. STEP Democracy has a strong commitment to a flexible approach to democratic reform which is mindful of the rich history and cultural diversity of Myanmar.

    With regards to constitution building processes, International IDEA supports the establishment of the Myanmar Constitution Centre – MyConstitution. The aim of MyConstitution is to foster a home-grown, well-informed and inclusive debate. MyConstitution’saims are to be met carrying out three main tasks: knowledge sharing, support to advocacy and providing advice based on the history of the country and comparative experiences to all political, state and non-state stakeholders, on issues ranging from federalism, civil-military relations, natural resources management, and other issues relevant to the ongoing transition. Furthermore, it will provide on-demand expert advice on constitutional to these stakeholders and support CSOs in their advocacy on constitutional issues.

    International IDEA also works in support of the strengthening of Myanmar’s emerging democratic checks and balances, in particular the Union Parliament’s accountability capacities. It works with the relevant parliamentary committees and staff towards the full utilization and improvement of the operating framework for budgetary oversight; the improvement of these committees’ members and staff’s skills and knowledge to effectively perform budgetary scrutiny and analysis; and the building of constructive engagement with other state and social accountability actors.

    Main Functions of the Post

    • To design, manage and account for International IDEA’s  country strategy and projects in Myanmar;
    • To promote dialogue and consensus building at the highest levels and to provide and facilitate expert advice to political actors in Myanmar;
    • To manage the team of international and local staff of International IDEA effectively in the country;
    • To progress fundraising initiatives for projects in Myanmar; and
    • To represent International IDEA in Myanmar.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Designs International IDEA project proposals for Myanmar;
    • Manages the implementation of and reporting and accounting for International IDEA projects in Myanmar;
    • As required, negotiates the establishment of an accredited International IDEA office in Myanmar;
    • Promotes dialogue and consensus building at the highest levels and provides and facilitates expert advice to political actors in Myanmar;
    • Manages and directs the team of staff and consultants to ensure full delivery of agreed programme outputs while fostering a spirit of collaboration, work ethics and team cohesion;
    • Provides timely and insightful reports on political developments in Myanmar; Personally participates in dialogue processes, advocacy in the field of democracy, governance and social development, and preparation of publications;
    • Liaises and works programmatically with relevant local, national and intergovernmental bodies;
    • Maintains and develops relevant professional contacts and networks of cooperation with those active in relevant fields, including practitioners, policy makers, academics and the international community, and notably with International IDEA member states;
    • Plans, facilitates, participates in and makes presentations at coordination meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences;
    • Represents International IDEA externally as appropriate, including development and maintenance of positive and effective relations with the Government of Myanmar, International IDEA Member States, EU, other donors, UN and other relevant interlocutors;
    • Manages fundraising initiatives in Myanmar for projects in line with International IDEA policies and procedures;
    • Participates in and contributes generally to the Asia and the Pacific Regional Programme and its activities;
    • Ensures communication and cooperation with International IDEA’s global and crosscutting programmes;

    General Profile

    • Combines in-depth knowledge, acquired through post-graduate academic achievements, excellent skills including managerial skills and relevant experience in their field;
    • Leads assigned projects with authority throughout the project life cycle, i.e. from strategic planning and project design, funding and budgeting to project assessment and accountability; leads meetings and discussions, oversees publications and input from external providers;
    • Has the intellectual leadership to integrate innovation into his/her field of expertise;
    • Leads a team of contributors to the project, including staff members and consultants;
    • Fosters team-based activities in his/her unit; collaborates with other entities of the Institute;
    • Acts as a model and mentor for colleagues;
    • Is expected to travel globally to any geographical area involved in projects; with frequent visits to capital;
    • Follows internal procedures to ensure high standards of performance and compliance with Institutional guidelines;
    • Integrates a gender and diversity perspective in all activities.

    Reporting Line

    • Director Asia and the Pacific

    Programmatic Knowledge

    • Has excellent knowledge and extensive work experience in own discipline (preferably related to elections, political participation and representation or constitution building) combined with excellent understanding of  complexities of democratic transitions in order to approach programmatic activities in a holistic manner in the context of Myanmar.
    • Has demonstrated capacity in policy analysis and strategy development.

    Operational Knowledge, skills and experience

    • Integrates a results-based approach into the design, management and evaluation of all his/her programmatic activities;
    • Has thorough understanding of relevant programmatic issues in Myanmar and/or in South East Asia where his/her work is implemented;
    • Is active in the search for information on donors and partners, preparation of reports and project briefs, identification of opportunities for initiation of new projects, and all other activities related to resource mobilization and partnership building;
    • Illustrates integrity, a collaborative spirit, a sense of achievement, and an understanding of risk management;
    • Understands and manages the budget and planning of his/her project(s).


    • Leads a multi-talented team, sets team priorities and manages resources in projects of considerable complexity;
    • Acts as a model and resource for colleagues.

    Problem Solving

    • Will solve complex challenges, approach issues with new perspectives, and analyze situations from a multitude of intervening factors.


    • Has a clear impact on the programme development and delivery;
    • Will also impact other teams and projects in related fields.

    Communication and Interpersonal Skills

    • Liaises permanently to all internal and external stakeholders involved in his/her project; acts and is perceived as an initiator of relevant communication to solve issues;
    • Drives projects and assignments through communicative personal energy and engagement;
    • Can explain sensitive information with diplomacy, and build consensus;
    • Is able to present his/her activities and represent International IDEA effectively in all professional circles.

    Education and Experience

    • Post-graduate qualifications in social science, political science, international law, international development, peace and development studies or a related subjects
    • A minimum of 10 years relevant experience, including substantial experience working in field positions
    • At least 5 years’ experience in management positions, including senior level positions, with direct supervision over complex international teams
    • Experience working in the field of democracy and governance in Myanmar and/or South East Asia
    • English: Excellent knowledge both written and oral required; other language skills are an asset.

    Further Information

    Fixed term appointment until 21 December 2017

    Applying for this position:

    • Application should be submitted online no later than 14 September 2016.

    Click here for more information.


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